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T Towing Testimonials

“I have never had to deal with car trouble before, I left that to my husband. Funny how exactly on the day he left town my car decided to break down. I thought at first that I ran out of gas or something but then I realized it was an internal problem. A friend searched for a company in Anaheim and gave me T Towing ‘s number. I called and during less than 30 minutes a professional technician arrived and towed my car to a nearby shop. I was slowly getting calmer but what made this stressing situation even better was when I received the final bill – which was surprisingly way cheaper than what I expected. I wouldn’t want to ever have my car broken down again, but if I do – I’ll know who to call.” -Maria Maldonado

“I was putting my groceries in the back of the car when all of a sudden I closed the door, completely forgetting the keys were on the front seat and I had just locked myself out of the car. I called T Towing and they arrived in less than half an hour and fixed everything plus gave me a complimentary extra key in case I ever get locked out again.” -Hailey J. Kahn

“I was driving my car when all of a sudden a tire popped, and I had just used up my reserve one a week before. I called up T Towing and I was asked a couple questions about the tire size and type, which I didn’t know the answer to. A very kind technician arrived with all sorts of tires and helped get my car on track in a matter of minutes. It was that quick an easy.” -Angel Silvana

“I accidentally bumped a car that was in front of me and my car started smoking. I quickly called T Towing and they came within 30 minutes. A friendly technician assisted me with towing my car to an auto repair shop. Everything was so quick and professional that before I knew it, my car was all fixed like nothing had ever happened.” -Steve Haber